Rebuild The World

Inspiring teens to express themselves and share their perspective of the world by using Lego.




LEGO wants to create a powerful campaign that appeals to teenagers and rebuilds their relationship with the LEGO brand. The campaign has to encourage and inspire teens, to take notice of and use LEGO bricks to make creative statements and actions which matter to them, and the world around them


Researching the gnome of the cockroaches shows us why they are super resilient and adaptable. Their genome includes code for neutralising toxins, regrowing limbs and a thousand genes for detecting food and chemicals. Cockroaches can be the solution for humanity to survive in the future. We are creating alternative life by using CRISPR technology, changing the existing human DNA into a new form based on the genes of the cockroaches.

Teenagers are growing up in a world that is falling apart. They believe their opinion is not heard by the grownups who are responsible for all this. So, how can we inspire teens to express themselves and share their perspective of the world? That’s why Lego introduces Rebuild the world on your terms. An online education program aimed at schools to cultivate creativity in their classrooms.

Guest Lesson

Providing background information about each topic so students have a starting point to create ideas 💡

Making Of

Bedroom Photography

Behind the scenes. Creating the stopmotion for every subject.



After our guest lesson, we asked for feedback through little cards. The overall feedback was really good and everyone enjoyed expressing themselves with the use of lego. The overall average grade they give the activity was an 8,8.