Stichting Vluchteling

A print ad in The NRC(Dutch Newspaper)Using an Ambigram which shows the prejudice the reader has about refugees.

Hartstichting Nederland

Every day 35 people die of a cardiac arrest and 34% of Dutch citizens do not know where the nearest AED is located. To create awareness we used location-based data to show the route to the nearest AED.


A dissertation about visual perception and the use of gestalt psychology and its principles in modern society to improve graphic communication.


Identity is never static. It is fluid. Taking on a completely different identity or lifestyle gives us insights. For this project, I stepped into the world of the Juggalos a highly misunderstood subculture.


The branding and identity of beer brand Bran. The brand is built around an old irish folklore story called “The Voyage of Bran”. 
Hellman’s Food Waste

“Fight the Date” creates awareness using 3D food characters about the expiration, best buy, and best before date.