The Resilient Organism

The Resilient Organism is a speculative project researching & creating alternative life based on the genes of the cockroach.


We are entering a major crossroad in human history. We can seek innovation, make it to the final frontier, make cleaner energy, and colonise other worlds. However in the current conjuncture, we as humans will not be able to survive if we continue to focus on capitalism which will result in a polluted world. That is why we need to seek for alternative ways to survive.


Researching the genes of the cockroaches shows us why they are super resilient and adaptable. Their genome includes code for neutralising toxins, regrowing limbs and a thousand genes for detecting food and chemicals. Cockroaches can be the solution for humanity to survive in the future. We are creating alternative life by using CRISPR technology, changing the existing human DNA into a new form based on the genes of the cockroaches.

Taking genes of a cockroach and implement them into the human body to survive climate change sounds like science fiction. However, within the resilient organism, this far fetched idea comes close to reality.